Abstract Ripples, Middlesex Fells

Do abstracts count as nature photography? Sparingly, I think. I  appreciate when they remain relatively true to the scene, but portray  the subject in an unusual way through clever composition and use of  lighting and color. I never seek out abstract shots, and have only ended  up with them by chance. The intriguing colors or lines may catch my eye  in an otherwise uninspiring scene. This is what happened at the  Middlesex Fells Reservation (just north of Boston) last fall on a bright  sunny day. The harsh midday light forced me to look down and around and  focus on scenes without direct sunlight. I noticed the organized  patterns of ripples and the rich blue reflected sky on the lake. Using a  plane polarizer to eliminate the specular highlights on the water was a  must, and the Nikon 50mm prime lens delivered rich color as always.  Bumping up the Blacks in Lightroom gave this image some additional  depth.

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