Boston Skyline, Arnold Arboretum

Despite understanding at an intellectual level that art appreciation and  criticism is quite subjective, somehow I'm somehow always caught off  guard others brush off a photograph I worked hard on. Last fall, looking  for new sunrise spots in Boston, I biked the 10 miles from Cambridge to  the Arnold Arboretum in the dark and reached the crest of Peters Hill  just at sunrise. I had chosen this spot based on Google Earth scouting  and Google image searches, and it didn't disappoint. In the faint,  yellow-orange sunrise light, only the sky shined while the skyline and  the trees in the foreground were left in silhouette, a stark contrast  with this daytime shot from Mercuryrabbit. This comparison hammers home how in any photograph, the real subject is the light.

Below is the google street view image of this scene.

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