Stanton Mountain and Mount Vaught, Glacier National Park

Early evening photos often suffer dynamic range issues. The range of  brightnesses that camera sensors can digitize is usually much smaller  than the range our eyes can perceive. Combining multiple exposures of a  scene into a High Dynamic Range image can be helpful, but all too often I find the results hyperrealistic and divorced from the actual  scene. I’m much more interested in making only small tweaks to images to  capture natural scenes as I perceive them.This fascinating early Summer  scene in Glacier National Park provided an interesting opportunity to  do so. Just before sunset, I looked northwest, across and above Lake  McDonald towards Stanton Mountain and Mount Vaught. Properly exposing  the sky left the mountain in full silhouette save for the dwindling late  season snow which textures the mountains. Stanton Mountain in particular  seems to grow out of the dim Earthly evening towards the remaining  light in the sky. Next time I’ll have to return even later in the evening for even more colorful drama.

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