Photographs of nothing

You never know exactly what you'll find at an independent gallery, but it's a good bet that it won't be photos of sunsets. Sontag wrote that it's only in the eyes of an amateur that "...a beautiful photograph is a photograph of something beautiful..." Since the 1920s, professionals "...have steadily drifted away from lyrical subjects, conscientiously exploring plain, tawdry, or even vapid material." [1] That in mind, I was almost surprised not to see images even stranger than this one at a gallery in Charleroi, Belgium. The name of the exhibition was "Rien", and it featured scenes from "...une maison longtemps occupée. Les objets accumulés évoquent les préoccupations, les goûts, les activités de leur propriétaire."

[1] Sontag, Susan. "On Photography", Rosetta Books, 1973, pg. 22

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