GERD state of the union

This post is mostly a self check in on my progress dealing with GERD/LPR.

Things that work for me

Elevate head of bed I initially elevated the head of my bed on 6in cinder blocks, but my boyfriend complained, so I swapped them out for 4in bricks.

Pepcid or TUMs as needed 5mg Pepcid or 500mg TUMs will generally take care of any acid reflux.

Add complex carbs. Adding potatoes, whole grains, or beans/legumes helps satisfy my hunger and absorb acid, preventing reflux.

Cut out dairy and fatty foods Ice cream, soft cheeses, cow’s milk. Fatty cuts of meat. Peanut butter.

Cut out obvious trigger foods Tomatos, citrus, chocolate, caffeine, alcohol.

Fast for 3-4 hours before bed

Things that do not work for me

PPI I felt very bloated and slow digestion after a month of PPI)

Inclined pillow I always slide or roll off the pillow during the night.

Things to try

Take a walk after eating I’ve noticed my GERD has worsened over the last year as my physical activity has been reduced due to quarantine and working from home.

Reduce sweets I’ve been making a lot of oatmeal cookies and banana bread during quarantine, but I’m suspicious that either the fat or the sugar is triggering reflux.

Reduce fried potatos French Fries When I’m eating out, I’ll often try to get complex carbs by eating French fries. But maybe the fact they they are fried makes them do more harm than good. Try avoiding French fries.

Salad dressing I try to eat salads as a safe food, but most salad dressings seem to be either very creamy or very acidic. Try asking for a simply olive oil dressing.

Reduce liquids with meals Drink water after meals and limit consumption during.

Get a bravo study This is a study where a temporary pH monitor is implanted at the top of the throat to test whether GERD/LPR symptoms correlate with acidity.


Posted by Abraham