Leaving Utah's Canyon Country

Rural Utah has some of the most disturbingly empty landscapes I have  ever experienced, and also the most spectacular. The famous Zion, Bryce,  Arches, and Canyonlands National Parks are separated by hundreds of  miles of mostly harsh desert terrain.This photo was taken one June  evening after a day trip to Arches in Moab, Utah. Earlier in the day we  had driven past a sign on the highway warning “No services next 110  miles”. But there can be beauty in the fact that these landscapes are  mostly untouched, the the colors and patterns near sunset can be quite  distinctive.

After driving an hour back up to I-70 from Arches,  the sun had set and we were eager to be on our way to the Colorado  National Monument, just across the state line, before it got too dark.  Nighttime driving in the middle of nowhere is very eerie. I couldn’t  help but pull over to admire this otherworldly scene. It’s is almost an  abstract, a near-perfect gradient and silhouette of some low-lying  foothills in southeast Utah.

Below is the google street view image of this scene.

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